Xbox stuttering gameplay

Like the post above I’m not getting smooth gameplay in offline or online. Above only said PC so I’m wondering if anyone else is having this issue on Xbox one and how to fix it. The gameplay is stuttering and jerking so it’s horrible to play. All help is appreciated.

New Xbox One dashboard, Xbox One S. I am also experiencing a similar issue. Offline play is fine. Online however is completely unplayable and I am getting ultra low fps (must be < 10fps) at all times. This is happening across all online game modes and all tracks. I have a fibre connection which is fast (75MB Up and 20MB Down, also NAT type open) so I know it isnt bandwidth or connection related and I have had no problems at all with other games. Something is seriously wrong though. Is anyone out there that can provide assistance?

Glad it’s not just us then! Most of the time one or more of us has this issue. No problems on single player. Also gets worse if you are notified that a friend has come online. I have bought every forza game and this is the first time I have been disappointed

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I haven’t done MP yet. Played the game at length, SP campaign and Free Play. Not much stuttering to report here. Maybe an occasional hiccup or rev hang.

What else can I do to replicate the issue you gents are having? Have you tried a full hard reset on the console?

I’m guessing it’s the preview program updates. When the game was first out I had these issues and then the forza update sorted it and everything was fine but the issues have come back. It’s literally unplayable in offline and online.