Xbox Smartglass with Windows Phones

I am getting a new phone next week and am still undecided on what to get. Is there any merit to Smartglass that would make me consider a Windows phone? I doubt I will get one just for Smartglass, but if it offers up enough for games like Forza and Battlefield it might make me consider one.

I have Smart glass on my Android powered Samsung, and it works great on it. All the features are there like game clips, friends, follwers, messages, etc. Sso I don’t think its entirely necessary to get a Windows phone for it. Forza doesn’t really have anything in the way of Smart Glass functionality, but for BF4 on my phone I can use it as a full map of the game, with zoom and pan options to see where enemies or objectives are in real time.

I am looking at getting a Samsung S4 or an HTC One M8. Undecided yet of which though. The other option was the Nokia Windows phone, but I am preferring the other 2. I didn’t know BF4 could use the map on non-Windows phones. That will be handy. I thought it was tablets and Windows phones only.

I have a DROID 4 but Xbox One Smartglass is only for a simple controller and viewing friends lists and achievements and that’s about it. I know the Windows phone has some of the cooler features for games that my DROID doesn’t offer.

Smartglass is available for Android as well, so if you really have no interest in a Windows phone other than Smartglass, I’d pass. I have a Windows phone and love it, but if you like apps, then go with an Android.

Android phone all the way.

Personally, my Samsung Galaxy Note III is the best phone I’ve ever had.

microsoft announced today they are making windows avalible for any device with a 9 inch or smaller screen for free. not sure if you can dual boot a phone but thee new luminia does have dual simm slots so maybe it can. azure can be acccessed and there are emulators for even iphone so something as opensource as android/linux should be emulatiable easily. they are also letting winrt apps be run on the xbox1. cortana is the siri replacment