XBOX Series X + Logitech G920 wheel w/shifter + Forza Horizon 4

My son has this setup (XBOX Series X + Logitech G920 wheel w/shifter + Forza Horizon 4), In the game, the G920 wheel settings are the same from his XBOX One, but now the wheel is very unresponsive and not working properly. He has to turn the wheel 90 degrees physically before it even turns a tiny bit in the game. And at some points it’s even ‘jerky’. The wheel also doesn’t snap back to center as it used to.

Wondering if anyone has had similar experience and any suggestions?

To test the wheel itself, on his new XBOX we installed Forza Motorsport 6 and the Wheel worked as expected.

We also started up his XBOX One, and the Wheel + Forza Horizon 4 worked fine there so it doesn’t appear to be a HW issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you found a fix yet?? I’m experiencing the exact same issue!! Tried messing with the settings further but nothing seems to be working. I had the settings perfect on the xbox one too :frowning:

I found I had to reduce the on-centre deadzone of my wheel when I jumped from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X.

Other than that it seemed to swap over perfectly.

Perhaps try resetting your wheel calibration and then enter your preferred settings again?