Xbox Series X - Game wont even launch

Hi all,

The game won’t even launch for me on my Series X.

It gets to the black screen of text, then immediately crashes back to xbox home screen.

Things I’ve tried -

  • Uninstalled / Reinstalled 5+ times
  • Completely restarted my XBox (totally fresh restart of the entire console)
  • Launching in different resolutions and sound options
  • Plugging in to different HDMI ports on my TV

Same thing every time, kicks me back out to xbox homescreen.

I’m playing the regular GamePass version.

So glad i didn’t pay premium for this.

Been so excited to play it and don’t even get anywhere near to driving anything.

Is it that buggy that some people can’t even get the game launched?

Anyone got any ideas? Or do i have to wait until a future patch hopefully fixes it?

I have the same issue, however for now at least my game always start on the second try after crashing on the first attempt.