Xbox Series X - Freeze during intro

Hey guys,

I bought my son a Series X for xmas and all he wanted for it was Forza5.

Unfortunately, while secretly setting up the console before xmas, Forza freezes at the end of the intro cutscene. Usually in the back of the cargo plane as the rear ramp is lowered. Always inside the plane.
All I can do is hold down the X button on the console until it powers down. I didn’t expected this from a Console, a PC maybe.

The series X is brand new. Forza has never loaded past the cargo plane drop. I’m totally lost trying to fix this. I’ve tried lowering the resolution from 4k to 1080 and even 720. 120Hhz to 60. Same freeze/crash. The heat vent on the console is pushing out very hot air but unobstructed. Doubt its dust as the unit is new.

Can anyone help me get this fixed for Christmas or my wife will blame me.

Have you tried any other games or is it just this one? I had issues with this as well but it did it on all my games and i had to send mine in for a warranty repair.

The Series X pushing out pretty hot air is normal…when I first got the game, it was the first time in over 18 months of owning Xbox’s (One X then Series X) and playing 6-10 hours a day, that I was genuinely concerned about an Xbox and the expelled air. It seems that FH5 pushes the system hard, even on Graphics 30fps mode.

However, for it to be doing that before the first scene has even finished is concerning. As mentioned above, try testing it out with a few other games to test if it’s just FH5…but, it does sound like a hardware fault of some kind

I have mine on performance and don’t have any issues. The point of the fan is to pull heat off of the internals, so hot air coming from the fan but the Series X itself is only barely warm. Any game optimized for Series S/X is going to put out a lot of heat because it’s utilizing more GPU power than previous generation.

Make sure everything is updated
In XBoxSettings->General->Personalization->My Home XBox make sure its checked
Select the Game on Homescreen press button with 3 lines > Manage Addons > Shows saved data right bottom > select the reserved 16,0MB and delete

Start Horizon 5 and in first screen with the flowers dont use “Press A to play” use the other button change to performance mode in video settings there. Restart game