[XBOX] Screenshots & Videoclips do not show up

Anyone else have this problem?

Whenever I take a screenshot or create a clip it is NOT being shared to Xbox Live.
I tried a few other games and the screenshots show up just like they are supposed to. Only FH4 is stubborn.

What works

  • Taking Screenshots with the Xbox Guide Function
  • Screenshots show up in the Xbox Guide
  • I can share them to my Xbox Live Feed
  • I can seen them on the Smartphone under Recordings

What does not work

  • They will not show up in the Web under Recordings
  • They will not show up on xboxdvr.com

As stated. Other games behave normally, only Forza Horizon 4 is doing this.

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I’ve got the exact same problem!

At least I’m not the only one

Same here. I hope this will be corrected asap. Xboxdvr is much easier to use and gives 4k png instead of the compressed 1080p jpg we have in the fm.net gallery (why ??)

I am also waiting for this. I can only downloand pics taken using Forza’s gallery. Nothing uploaded using Game DVR screenshots appear in my Xbox profile or XboxDVR.com, which is annoying. And it only happens with Horizon 4… FM6, FM7, FH3 and screencaps of other games show up perfectly on my profile and XboxDVR.

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1 The screenshots were uploaded to Xbox servers. I can see them on the console and they were correctly sent to Xbox. They just don’t show up through external means (on Xbox.com or XboxDVR);

  1. The link you sent says I don’t have authorization to access the page.

Well, that’s because you have to register or login, silly.

Takes 30 seconds to register… I did it… It’s quick.

You are now banned for link spam.

So I had to increase my internet footprint by creating a profile in a forum I possibly will never access again in order to read a “solution” that I already tried and still doesn’t work…

More interesting than that, you said you registered in 30 seconds, but entering the site shows you as the administrator. Now that’s… odd (not to say deceiving).

So, as you are the admin, can you please show me how to delete my profile from the site? Or do it for me, as I do not intend to visit that site again?

Ok, back to the thread: any ETA for the pictures taken through Xbox screenshots be available on our profiles or Xboxdvr?

it’s up and running on xboxdvr since yesterday.

We will certainly never know why it wasn’t working, but thanks to anyone that corrected this problem :wink:

But unfortunately it’s still not working on xbox.com :frowning:

Strange… just accessed XboxDVR and none of my FH4 screenshots show up. Just other games.

you’re right, all my screenshots are gone again :frowning:

the strange thing is that the screenshot count on xboxdvr is correct now and includes my FH4 screenshots, but the screenshots itself are nowhere to be seen…

Anyone from the team could at least explain what’s goign on ?

It would be great if @Nitro Glitter would add it to the known Xbox Issues!

I was in contact with him/her via a support ticket, every answer takes ages and now nothing is beeing done/said about it. This is messed up.

Working this very moment. I can see my screenshots now at xbox.com and also ROSENKRIEGER's Xbox screenshots on GamerDVR.com from Forza Horizon 4.

Hopefully it will now stay this way.

Yep, it’s back today. Crossing fingers that it won’t go away again like last time…