XBox save button

would it be possible to get a freaking save button. im so tired of doing stuff over and over.

The game should autosave occasionally during freeroam, and after races or going into/leaving the festival. It is kind of annoying that they warn you to save it when exiting the game without a save button though.

Given all the sync issues it would give us peace of mind having a button where we could force sync that then returned either success or failure.

But as others have touched on the sync feature is meant to “work” automatically, thus a sync/save button shouldn’t be required.

My best advice is play on one platform only and when you want to force sync do the following:

  1. Go to your car garage where you can select a car.
  2. Back out to free roam
  3. Wait for sync symbol in bottom right to disappear after a few seconds
  4. You should be synced now