Xbox One & Xbox One S Forza 7 60fps or 30fps?

anyone know if it’s 60fps or 30fps for forza 7
I know the X is running in 4k 60fps but there is hardly no information about the Xbox One or Xbox One S :frowning:

It will be 60 same as fm6 was

Microsoft has stated that any game that runs 60fps in 4K on Xbox One X will run 60 fps in 1080p on The original One and One S and vice versa.

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It will be 60 FPS & 1080P on Xbox One S! Looking forward to seeing it in True 4K though! Demo is fantastic! :ok_hand:t2:

All Forza (except Forza 1) and GT titles since GT3 have targeted 60fps. This will not be any different.

It’s still so impressive that years later Forza 7 is still the console performance benchmark locked at 60fps with 4K HDR. You have Assetto Corsa Competizione coming out tomorrow that can’t do that and it’s a 2020 game!

It’s a 2020 game, but it’s probably still limited by the weak CPUs in the consoles. It’s also important to note that first party titles are nearly always going to be better technically than small third party ones