XBOX ONE X - Save Data Load error

Hi all.
Have been having this problem for a month now.
Xbox One X Scorpio edition
FM7 Ultimate edition Disc
Installed on internal HDD - No external plug ins to Xbox
Location Australia
Connection - 85mb

Have been getting this error msg randomly at start up or even half way through a race.

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience. An error occurred while loading your save data. Please fully quit the game and restart it. Your save may not be corrupted but if you wish to start a new game, you can delete your saved data. Contact for more information”

Have contacted xbox support. Told to contact dev through shown email in msg. Have had no response for a month.

Tried Solutions
Delete local save data and re sync from cloud. - No work
Reset Xbox Console - No work
Reset console and delete all games - Re install FM7 and resync - no work

Not looking good, have over 100 hours and 700 cars and do not want to start from scratch.
Can my save be saved, any information would be appreciated as i have heard nothing from the email i sent.