Xbox one x performance mode issues?

So I’m in love with fh4 just like all the other ones but I’ve noticed draw distances are terrible also I’ve noticed track textures loading right in front of my car while driving it’s a very annoying thing I’ve never noticed in fh3 and trust me I player the crap outta that one I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in performance mode but even so it shouldn’t be that bad and I notice trees far off look kinda out of focus until you come close then it’s like the fade into detail with like fading little pixels it’s weird again never saw that in fh3 i love this game so much already i would just love some sort of fix at least for the ground texture loading issue it’s the worse of the problems I want to be able to play in 60fps and not deal with terrible texture loading without going to 4k mode and 30fps to get that if possible or this issue may still happen in 4k 30fps haven’t tried it yet to know for sure

Played on my brother in laws xbox one s same issue so I’m guessing it’s just part of the revamped game engine though I do hope it’s addressed because it’s so noticeable it takes away from the rest of the beauty of FH4 in my opinion

Digital foundry confirmed texture pop in is close on all versions, even pc. Maybe we’ll get a patch to at least improve it slightly. Doesn’t take anything away from the games quality and fun factor imo but it can be a little off putting sometimes. Nothing drastic though

Yea I agree that’s what I meant but I’ve been playing for a few days I also noticed some textures on things load extremely slow like there is a statue in the middle of the road on one part of the map I accidentally crashed into it at 200+ mph and it looked like it had no texture for almost a full minute then it loaded the textures to it your right the game is still a blast no matter what it’s just weird seeing texture issue in FH4 when they weren’t there in FH3 you know?

I can confirm this - recently got a One-X and the draw distance in the game just isn’t impressive. There’s textures loading on the road hardly 10-20 feet in front of my car in performance mode and if you drive fast enough, especially in chase view, you’ll see objects and scenery spawn with more detail on the horizon. It’s very oft putting to say the least and just plain hard to ignore - in my case, at least, it is affecting gameplay because I upgraded to the X to see the better visuals and framerates. Speaking of, they do hiccup on rare occasions even in performance mode (drive up to the castle road all the way to the castle then turn your car around to check out view of Edinburgh city).

same texture loading system in FM7 apparently, you’ll see textures pop in and out whether you’re racing or watching replays. More noticeable in replays I suppose. Go into photo mode to see what I mean - textures will spawn in and out of view depending on how close or how far away you move the camera - and those texture pops are at the exact same spot when you’re on the track driving. I experienced none of this on my OG xbox one.

Annoying and also rather disappointing to know that their most powerful console can’t effectively render textures without pop in. I noticed the same in GOW4 too with performance mode - with the shadow from a weapon on the floor spawning in until I’m almost right on top of it. Same goes for some textures on the wall. I haven’t played too much FH4 or GOW4 in visuals mode but I would not be surprised if there’s still pop in. From what I remember, in FH4 there is noticeable pop in around the mountains and far away buildings in 30fps visuals mode.

It is not an internal vs external HDD issue either. It’s some kind of bottleneck on the console itself. So much for "world’s most powerful console’…

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I think it also has something to do with you crashing into invisible objects on the road sometimes. When my textures get bad I hit something that isn’t there, even the Ai hit them as well.

That’s just straight up bizarre! I haven’t experienced pop in of that kind yet but it’s definitely visible in both games to the point that makes you wonder “Why did I upgrade to a One-X again!?”

Odd, I don’t get that issue at all on my X1X. I have the game installed on external SSD, not sure if that is the difference.

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On an original Xbox one the game is non functional.

It crashes all the time. If you drive over 180mph you hit buffering walls that return you to play at 0mph.

The game was made for the one x. It was downscaled and poorly for the the s which explains why it’s so and on the original.

I got a one x recently and the game is amazing now.
Ridiculous though that it can only be enjoyed on the X.

I have an original Xbox one and it runs fine(mostly) there are odd occasions where at 260mph+ the car will just stop as it looks like the game cant draw the roads quick enough, but ive only seen this happen 3-4 times since October and its no big deal - its an impressive looking game - even on my old xbox :slight_smile:

I found it very impressive - how well it is optimized for OG xbox one. However, what I wasn’t expecting on the One-X either in 60 fps mode or supersampled mode is the almost infuriating texture pop in. They’ve done it cleverly, but the observant eye will always pick it up. It can be distracting and in some cases, mildly game breaking.

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that’s not true at all - I had it on the OG One console and it performed flawlessly.

On the One-X, I shouldn’t be seeing texture pop in, and no - I won’t get an SSD to get rid of that as one gentleman above pointed out that it may have to do with the game being installed on an SSD.

Is anyone else out there getting pop in while using the One-X internal drive or external 5400rpm HDD? I’m seeing pop in in FM7 which wasn’t there on the Og one console. It’s subtle though, not as obvious as FH4.