Xbox One X Multiple crashes :(

Had five crashes to dashboard on Xbox One X so far :frowning:

Including when entering barn find zone, completing the 4th showcase after the 4 bikers want to try your car CTD then when you go back in to the game the showcase is still uncomopleted

no issues for me on my Scorpio
delete the game & re-install perhaps & see if it is fixed…i know it takes a long time,but this is my opinion

Have you tried a proper restart from within the menu setting of the xbone

Ive been playing for over 10 hours
Only crash was within the first 15 minutes
Hard reset fixed it…no issues the rest of the day

Having the same issue. I’ve restarted multiple times. Initially, I played about 1.5 hours without issue. I seem to be able to play for a good couple hours once it gets in. Resume function is screwed.

I am having the same issues on my XB1X. I think I have crashed about five times in the last six hours. My recent crashes were pretty close together so I hope they aren’t going to start happening more frequently. I have tried hard resetting the console by holding the power button for 10 seconds and unplugging it but that didn’t help. If it keeps happening then I guess the only option is to reinstall it?

At which point did you crash? Was it within a certain location, race or during exploration of the menu?

For me, most of the crashes come right as it begins the loading screen. It either freezes there or goes directly to a black screen then quits.

Same. And the few times I’m able to even get in, it crashes once I start driving.

It was at random times. Once during a cutscene, another time after a race, and a few other times just motoring through the map. I did another hard reset of the Xbox again and it’s been working for two hours without any crashes yet. Will report back if it crashes again.

I paused the game to go grab a drink and on my way back into the room I watched it crash to the dashboard. Think I’m going to try and reinstall it to see if that fixes it. Not really sure what else to do.

I’ve reinstalled it and tried everything else mine still crashes at main menu on my brand new Xbox one x I can’t find nothing that works

Same for me on normal Xbox.

Mine crashed at the end of a street race. When i restarted it crashed again trying to connect to Horizon Life. XB1X.

Edit: Switching to Solo seems to have solved the crashing and stuttering.

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Yup switching to solo solved my crashes aswell

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Stupid question, but how to go to Solo? I want to try that, thanks.

Second tab. Horizon Life.
At the bottom it says switch to single player.

2 crashes so far on the Xbox One X. One within the a stunt mission and the other when exiting the menu.
Have had 8 wonderful hours though so far lol!

Mine crashed when it was saving photos during the intro races.

Took a photo of the Senna during the Autumn intro, when it went to save, it started saving, then crashed back to the dashboard, had to restart the game.

Took a photo of the Stadium Truck during the winter part, noticed my previous photo was in the photo section, so that was a plus that I didn’t lose it, when it went to save, it crashed back to the dashboard.

Same with the rally looking car & the motorbikes.