Xbox one x dead after 20 mins of play

Has this happened to anyone one else? Just got my scorpio edition, plugged it in and after 20 mins of playing the screen started flickering black and now theres no picture when its powered on, my thoughts is a fried graphics card i had this same issue with a macbook pro a few years back, id say stay well away from an xbox on x guys, buy a gaming pc luckily i have a high end pc to play but thought a xbox one x would have been nice to sit on the couch and play in 4k

If everyone stayed away from a product because of one breakdown we’d still be living in caves, mine’s working flawlessly. Also the price of a OneX is cheaper than a half decent video card.

Have a look on the xbox forums theres plenty that has failed

Look at Apple Forums and see the complaints about their products, go to any forum on any product its always the same,thats why they have warranties, stuff happens.