Xbox One-X: A few questions about graphics

Superb console, beautiful looking game, showcases the power of the X.

A few observations and questions:

  • In night races, when a rolling race starts, I can see nice lighting and shadows being cast inside my car from the headlights behind me - excellent effect - but when I start racing in cockpit, all those lovely effects are gone, I only see my gloves being illuminated. Compromises to minimize CPU/GPU overhead?

  • LOD on cars would suddenly pop out of nowhere as you drive closer to them. I can also see distant objects around the horizon popping into detail. I’ve also noticed foliage on the grass and around grandstands pop into detail. Hmm, didn’t think I would notice LOD issues on a One-X

  • In tracks with evening, late afternoon setting or generally cloudy/low contrast conditions, brake lights on certain cars will either look completely flat and dull red with no glow or lighting effects as such or look completely overexposed and bright yellow when you apply the brakes. Is this some kind of HDR bug? I’m on a 1080p TV that has no HDR.

  • I can notice low-res, flickery and somewhat blurry dynamic shadows moving around in the cockpit - done deliberately to retain 4K/60 fps?

  • Headlights - why do they go on and off at will during menu selection and while racing? Some cars on the grid have theirs on while others are off with their tail and dash lights still on

  • Headlight beams are unusually dim on night driving tracks like Silverstone and VIR only. Headlights do not glow at night or cast beams/effects at the camera - again, I’m guessing done deliberately to prevent frame hiccups?

Wasn’t it mentioned somewhere that they still had 30% overhead to spare?

Thanks for reading. Let’s discuss.

I’ve noticed all those things on the X. Legitimate issues but they don’t bother me. Except maybe the headlights flashing on and off, and dim brakelights. With the brakelights though, I’m not sure how dim they would appear in real life on some of these rare/older cars.

Right, so we’ve established that they are there. With 30% overhead to spare, I hope the devs can look at them and make the game flawless, in a manner of speaking, if that’s possible with the current tech.

That 30% overhead to my knowledge was quoted when they ported Forza Motorsport 6 to the Xbox One X in 4k with 4k textures. The likelihood they have a 30% overhead now is very slim, especially with the number of cars on track & dynamic weather.

I’ll point out a few things.

  1. The interior does get lit up by other car’s headlights, but it depends on so many factors that when racing, doesn’t really ever happen. The cars have to be extremely close & the angle has to be just right. It also depends on the car you’re in too. That’s why during a rolling start you see it happen, but in a race you don’t. It’s because it’s really hard to get an opponent car at X angle & X distance to you for it to work.

  2. Texture pop-in does exist, which is a shame, but it’s there to keep the frame-rate. Essentially anything that’s not prioritised is rendered at its slowest or lowest quality to keep that locked 60fps. It’s not too noticeable however, only at night is it a bit jarring with other cars around. When racing on a long straight, look behind you. You’ll literally see everything de-rendering to preserve fps because it’s simply not a priority to render anything behind you for too long.

  3. It’s not a HDR bug, it’s just poor HDR calibration. I max out both my HDR Brightness & my Gamma then adjust my TV’s brightness to accommodate.

I’ve done some testing with night races

•headlights will glitch off before a night race starts if you switch cars too many times while the track is already loaded.

•headlight shadows are cast against cars only, trackside objects and world geometry don’t cast shadows. However, testing with a full grid of identical cars, a full grid of unique cars all on Sebring at night, I have determined that shadows work, no matter how many or how unique the other cars are. But again if you switch cars in the pit after the track has loaded, headlight shadows stop working, and sometimes randomly when running night races headlight shadows won’t activate. So I have no clue what’s happening here.

Oh? I must have misread that then. I think it was a DF quote but as you say, it was probably about FM6. I already see compromises in the game, which means you’re right, there couldn’t possibly be any overhead to spare.

I haven’t noticed the interior being lit up in many night races that I’ve done, although it happens frequently in FH4.

I’ve actually noticed an equal amount of pop-in while driving at night and during the day - interestingly, popping that I never really noticed playing on the OG-one. I never look behind me to see the pop-in, however, I am concerned about the pop-in that I am seeing while moving forward. I really hadn’t expected to see that on the one-X.

Right, poor HDR calibration. Do you think the game was even calibrated for SDR displays? The colours look so consistent in Fh1 and 2 or FM 5 and 6. But all their games that started coming out after FH3 have this strange lighting inconsistency issue where the brake lights loose colour and take this strange bright orange glow, or at times, just a flat bright orange, nearly white colour, instead of a nice and deep red. I don’t understand.

My TV is properly calibrated and I’m also playing other HDR games on my SDR panel like GOW4 or SoTR and the colours always look natural and what I could expect.