Xbox One to Xbox One X Forza data transfer question

Apologies if this has been covered, I searched and came up with nothing. Does anyone know what if any data from our current Forza 7 save will transfer to the Xbox One X? Cars, credits, progress? I have the downloaded VIP edition if that makes any difference. Thanks for any info.

It will all be there since it’s on the cloud, so you won’t lose anything.

All of it will be
Game save is kept in the cloud
Just need to sync it correctly

I’d like to point out too that if you look in the settings for your xbox there is now an option in place to transfer everything from one xbox to another via your local network (your router)
And If I were you guys I’d be making sure that if you have to do the transfer you make sure you can do it hard wired, NOT WiFi.

Thank you to everyone that answered. Much appreciated.