Xbox One S - Hoonigan Mazda RX-7 won't work on Dubai track in Free Play

Hoonigan Mazda RX-7 won’t work correctly on Dubai Full, City, Mountain. City Alt, or any reverse circuit tracks in Free Play. The car does fine for the first half mile or so of the track and then stops accelerating even when the trigger is fully pressed. You can turn around and drive the track in reverse against traffic just fine and at full speed, but when racing, it decelerates and starts braking on it’s own. It seems to be an issue with having assisted braking on. When braking is set to ABS on or off, it accelerates fine.

turn off assisted braking then , not sure why you would need that on to begin with, it’s for beginners or kids, just use ABS if you really need to
you may as well use super assisted steering as well , also for those that rubber band race, and why credits don’t get paid when using

Do you provide such insightful solutions for everyone who reports an issue with the game? I’m surprised you’re not the #1 Tech guru at Turn 10! They need to hire you and promote you to the head of the department STAT!

And I thought I was reporting a technical issue in the technical issue reporting forum… Silly me. All this time I was setting myself up to get driving advice from an obvious pro who knows everything, while not knowing that people have this thing called “freedom” to explore the game in different scenarios and settings… Wow, I didn’t know that every time I turn on my game that I have to conform to your standards of how I play my game. It’s almost as if I didn’t use my own money to buy this game for myself to do as I wish with it. Thank you so much for setting me straight. I feel so foolish now because I have apparently been playing my game wrong all this time. Thank you very much.