Xbox one s blurry image when driving

So, recently I bought a new xbox one s. I was going to use xbox play anywhere. So, everthing started up with Forza Horizon 4 downloaded. I start driving and I quickly realize that all surroundings are very blurry. So I stop, and everything is clear and focused. I have looked everwhere for the solution but I can’t find it. Only one guy with forza horizon 3 but his problem did not get solved. I have talked to the xbox live support but they couldn’t solve it. I have got a refund on the monitor and got a new one. And I did the same with the xbox. Usually I play Forza Horizon 4 on my pc but I wanted an xbox. I feel like it must be a setting that I haven’t found yet. Anyone got a solution? /Broken forza gamer.

Posting a video would be beneficial

Sounds like you have motion blur on.

Can you check in your video settings to see if it’s on?