Xbox One - Playing Forza 5 with no disc?

Hi guys,

It seems when the xbox one is in “Instant-On” mode, the disc still seem to be spinning slowly. So I tried taking the disc out only for it to ask it again when playing Forza. Is there a way for the Xbox to recognize I already have the game installed and it won’t need a disc? I have downloaded the game Dead Rising 3 and it seems to work without a need for disc. Correct me if i’m wrong but i’m thinking if you bought a hard copy, then you need to insert it when playing regardless of the game being able to be purchased/downloaded online.


no theres no way to play without the disk, you need the disk in otherwise you could rent/borrow the game install it and send it back.

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Strangely I found put today that Forza Does work without the disc.
While installing Metro Redux from disc I accidentally started Forza (in fact I just wanted to move it to my external USB storage) and I was able to play it although it’s the disc based version and not the downloadable version.
Other games are still asking for the disc in order to start such as Wolfenstein, Thief, NFS, Battlefield)…probably it’s just a glitch that will disappear once I do restart the Xbox…nevertheless I just wanted to share my findings with you guys.

yea my forza 5 wirks with no disc. waddap with that i bought it downloaded it and sold it

It works without the disk as its free to play this weekend. In a few days, you will need the disk again…

You can play a game without a disc under the following circumstances:

  1. You own a download license for the game.
  2. You have signed up to something like EA Access - if so any disc based games you own that are in the vault no longer require the disc.
  3. The game is free to play due to a promotion.

Other than that if the copy of the game you own is disc based then you need the disc in the tray to play.

This is due to the change in DRM policy brought about by people complaining about the original planned DRM policy for the Xbox One.

This was debated to death at the time and I am not trying to reopen that debate.