[XBOX ONE] Launch Car Pack cars missing in garage

My VIP pass seems to be working. But even after installing the Launch Car Pack twice I still can’t see the 8 free cars in my garage. The car store show an icon on the cars like I already downloaded them (small box with arrow pointing down). If I try to get the car it wants to charge me credits. I know there is an issue with forza rewards coming in (which is also my other issue) but is the missing car pack cars also part of the server issues? I also do not see my VIP cars in the garage and they are also showing like I already downloaded them. So even with vip pass and launch car pack I only have 2 cars in my garage which I both got while playing the game.

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That icon in the store is showing you they have been downloaded into your autoshow. Now you have to select each one to purchase it for 0 credits, that will then put the car in your garage.

I thought I was already in the auto show. Isn’t the auto show the ‘Buy Cars’ option on the main menu under Cars tab right next to ‘My Cars’? Or do I have to drive to a specific location in game to access it? The cars that have the downloaded icons are not 0 credits.

You’re going to the right place but they have been having issues with the DLC content registering correctly in the game. So at the moment it is going to charge you but it should be for 0CR. Just have to wait it out. Mine took 2 days but it now shows up as 0CR and lets me add them to the garage for free.

So if I have the small arrow on a Buick GNX that says it costs 65k credits I will not be charged 65k when I go to buy it? Sorry for the dumb Q.

If you have VIP and those cars still show a price other than 0 credits, you should wait until the on-going fix corrects the price.

It will it has to say 0cr to be free

Having same issue as the poster above. I tried selecting car and it says already purchased. Yet it is not showing up in my garage

Should add that I tried to do the above with a Ferrari 330 P4 and it told me I did not have enough credits. I am supposed to be VIP and the car had the download sign. But I couldn’t “purchase” it.

Anybody get the 1.5 mil from rewards into horizon 2 yet?

Thanks. I guess I’ll just keep driving the 2 cars that I have until they fix it. I love the game so far except for the bugs and the game freezing more than I’m used to on the Xbox. I think I had to reboot my Xbox 4 times before I arrived at Nice.

Quick update. I received all my gift cars and money today. All free DLC cars were also available for zero credits from the autoshow. I’m a happy camper.

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I have the same cars showing as free or purchased at the autoshow too. But how do I drive them? All that’s in “my cars” are those i acquired in the game. Do I have to progress to a certain point to access the cars I spent real money on? Thanks for the help.
P.s. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled too.

They are no different from any other car. Buy from the autoshow then drive from garage.

I have purchased several car packs and NONE of my cars are in my garage, I’ve tried everything and they all say “already purchased” and I still can’t find them anywhere. I’m losing my patience with all these problems. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.

They don’t go straight to your garage. You need to buy them in game from the autoshow. They should be free the first time you buy them.

Ok. I’m new to Forza Horizons 2 so next dummy question and I apologize ahead of time, where is the “auto show” ?

I can not remember the early stages of the game but off the top of my head the hubs and therefore autoshow unlock some time during your first 6 championships.

The autoshow has its own spot in the main festival hub but there is also one inside each cities hub.

Enter the hub and I think its the bottom right option from memory.

I will try that out ASAP, thanks SatNiteEduardo…Legend

i am having this same issue and from what i see from this forum post and replies from 2yrs ago being 2015. I just started playing it as of 7/3/17 and this glitch or issue has not been taken care of apprently.