[XBOX ONE] Is your game crashing? Are you an Xbox Insider?

Ok, guys… first of all, sorry for the long read but here’s the thing:

in another thread ([XBOX ONE] I can not start Career on Xbox One ), people are complaining about the game crashing when trying to start the single player campaign in the game. After me and another users voiced these issues, we were instructed by the moderator JOY to contact Turn 10 via e-mail. After that, I had a nice exchange of messages with someone from T10, collecting info about my system in order to find some correction.

Here’s the exchange in full:

ME: Hello, I’m writing this email under the instruction of SOY (on the Technical Support forums) about a problem running Forza Motorsport 7 on my Xbox One.
Every time I try to start the Forza Drivers Cup, the game stays on the black load screen (with the little spinner on the lower right corner) with music playing, but the first race never starts. The game just stays like this. I have to call the Xbox Guide and close the game.
On the other hand, every time I try Free Play and start the first race (Porsche 911 GT2 RS at Dubai), the game freezes and kicks me back to the Xbox dashboard (video available at http://youtu.be/qLFHTo93ZgM ).
Lastly, I tried to change some Free Play settings (track and car, selecting a rental). While I was browsing the car selection to find a different car to drive, the game once again froze and, as happened when selecting the Drivers Cup, it stays that way, with unresponsive controls and the menu music playing. I have to call the Guide and close the game.
To help you try to pinpoint a possible cause, here’s some details about my system: it’s an original Xbox One (bought November 2013) with Kinect running Insider Alpha update (1710.170922-1900 - September 25th). System language is Portuguese (Brazil), using internal HDD only (no external HDD connected).
I hope this helps. It’s gonna be unfortunate if I have to download the whole game again, since I live in a city with terrible internet service and it took me 3 whole days to download Forza 7.
Thanks for your time.

Turn 10: Thanks for sending us all this helpful information. Do you think you can provide us a video of what you experience when you start the Forza Drivers Cup too?

ME: As requested, here’s a video showing what happens when I try to start the Forza Drivers Cup. I initially thought it could be some data corruption on Dubai, but the game also froze when I tried to race at LeMans.
- YouTube
Sorry it took so long, but system updates are slow and my connection is sluggish. Uploading this video took ages. Once again, thank you.

Turn 10: Thank you for providing the video. Can you let us know what the game size shows for the game on the console when you go to manage game?

ME: Sure. It says 67 gigabytes. But, for some reason, The Hoonigan Car Pack is also being shown as VIP (as you can see in the attached picture). Thank you.

Turn 10: Since you are in the preview program, please reproduce the issue and use the report a problem. http://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-one/console/xbox-insider-hub-report-a-problem

ME: Ok, I’ll do that. But it’s strange because the Demo run flawlessly in this console. Anyway, thank you.

And the e-mails stopped. Looks like the person responsible for answering me just implied the problem is related to the Insider program and simply sent me to the Insider forums in search for help. Here’s the thread: (Xbox Insiders - Support). There, a few other players voiced their concern and we reported the problems running the game using the Insider app on the console. But here’s where things get interesting: the user that originally opened the thread here (thedjlosada) posted this:

Let’s get to the point then: I think it’s safe to say many people trying the game on early access are the kind of people who also like to test new console features before everyone else and are, possibly, Xbox Insiders. So there’s a BIG possibility that Insider updates are messing with Forza 7 which, on the other hand, could or couldn’t be fully tested during beta phase on consoles with the Insider updates, relying only on test units with the current stable system software.

So, if you are an Insider and are having problems with Forza 7 on your Xbox One, please reply to this thread with your experience and also post at the Xbox Insider Support forums, reporting the problems you are having now. Maybe the Insider development team is able to identify and correct the issue causing all those problems quickly if everyone can contribute. Or else, we’ll have to quit the Insider Program in order to play the game we paid so much for.

Xbox Insiders - Support

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Although I’m not having this problem myself, I am an Alpha level Preview Program Insider, so maybe it is dependent as to what level and ring of the Preview Program that you’re on?

Just a thought.

I am also an Alpha Insider… weird.

We’ll know soon enough. My 2nd download of the game is on 93%. In about two hours it should be completed. If the problem persists, I’ll quit the Insider program and see how it goes.

Also Xbox One freezes sometimes when selecting a car.

Also in freeplay when I want to load a track, it keeps loading forever.

Very annoying since I paid 100 euros for the game.

Ok, reinstalled the game and, for now, no problems apart from a glitch with Ken Block’s Hoonicorn not showing its wheels correctly. I’ll put it on the track to see if it’s a serious problem.

Well, apart from the bug on the Hoonicorn, everythings looks Ok now. I was able to do the Seeker championship without any hitches and played many single races to try out circuits and cars. No problems to report so far. Let’s hope it stays that way.

The problem is really in the Insider Preview.

The same problem occurred in the past, when Forza 6 was released in 2015.

I found several complaints about the problem. There was an official note inside the application about problem with Forza 6 and that it would be corrected as soon as possible. It took more than 1 month.