XBOX One Game crashing in lobbies

Ever since the last update on August 8th, I have come across a game breaking issue. Not sure if it’s an isolated event or not, but I figured I’d post the issue here.

The lag is horrendous now, and has been since July. And I think it may be contributing to my issues. But since the August update, when in a League Lobby, at random times when going into any part of the tuning section, after the track has loaded by the way, the screen freezes, does the sound stutter for about 10 or so seconds, and crashes to the home screen.

I am on Xbox One (original One), use an Elite controller, and have 75 MBps download and 15 MBps upload for internet speeds. And my latency is between 10-50 ms, which is extremely good. Connected via ethernet, and connected directly to the modem. I have no issues with any other games for lag, and I shouldn’t be experiencing it.

Edit: The crashing only happens to me in multiplayer lobbies, in both multiplayer hoppers and League Lobbies.

Since the last update, I’ve cleared the system cache countless times, reset my modem many times, reinstalled the game, and performed a factory reset on my console. Still happens, and totally at random.

This latest time it happened, I was using the Subaru BRZ with the widebody kit to select a different tune for the next race in the league, and boom. Crash.

This issue needs fixed asap, as it is game breaking, and very frustrating.

Don’t get me started on the other lag related issues in this game, as that is off topic for this post. This stuff should have been fixed months ago. Come on Turn 10, this game is almost a year old already. Why is it still so bugged?

I’ve been in the upgrade menu and upgraded parts while waiting on league race to finish, tune menu as well, including save and share. No issue on the x1x. Well, sometimes when I got in, out and back in to upgrade, my car is then on pit row instead up upgrade background, but it still worked.

Other lag, you mean like starting race and frist thing you see is cars behind you driving around like they started before you? Yeah, seen that too.

The crashing happens when I’m sitting in the lobby, after waiting for the next track to load, and wait for the other players’ cars to load, then I go into the tuning menu. When this issue happens is upon selecting the next thing, tune, upgrade, get tunes, ect. Hasn’t happened since I made the original post, but I’m thinking it might again soon.

As for the lag I’m talking about, it’s basically the entire GUI of the game, or it seems like it. And it’s in online lobbies, and free play, and the main screen. It takes a moment or two for anything to show up, occasionally the wait is up to a minute.

But it’s really bad in online lobbies when you want to select a different car, it takes forever for the car to show up in the main screen, and then it takes a moment for the selection to go through so you can get back to the main lobby part. I’ll deal with it for now, as this is my go-to game every day. Not like I have a choice til it is fixed. Seems like the menu lagging started when they redid the car selection loading. Maybe some code from that got jumbled, and messed up the rest of the game. Who knows.

What area are you in, US (east, central, west?), Another part of the world?