[XBOX ONE] Didn't get my car?

Okay I’m new to this game, got it today so it’s probably a simple answer so, sorry.

But I bought a McLaren P1 with Tokens and it taken my tokens away and everything, but when I go and check under “My Cars” it isn’t there.

Is it completely gone or is it just somewhere else?

I would email forzafb@micsoroft.com.

I know XBL has been experiencing issues since late last night, but that shouldn’t affect this.

There has been a lot of Xbox Live server issues today so this could be the cause

Indeed, I can’t connect to my profile, so I decided to go offline.


To continue this amazing quote. Xbox Live should be back up now.

My friends list as well as games are all currently in working order :slight_smile:

The next gen experience, folks.

I almost feel sorry for the developers.

The next-gen experience. Yes, because that is what happens when someone decides to attempt and hack your system and shut it down for a day.

I guess if Live is down, then the tokens may not work right away because they are live based. Also if you have a digital copy of the game and not a disc, then XBL issues will affect anything online related on your game as well.

Will Email Forzafb@microsoft.com, thanks