Xbox One Controller Windows 10 - goes crazy


i bought ultimate for xbox one and loved the game. Few months ago i decided to buy another Forza for my PC - graphic etc are insane on Ryzen with 2070. The problem is with controller.

Im using pad for xbox one connected via BL. Sometimes game works perfect for few hours…sometimes after few minutes it goes crazy. What i mean is the problem with pad. Suddenly buttons stop working or, what is worse…they are working by themselves. I want to go left and car is turning left…forever. Or suddenly it just goes full trothle because why not…with this i cant play. I never know when this will happened and playing online results with frustration.

I have updated the firmware of the controller. Yet forza 4 is the only game i have problem with…any ideas what to do?

Check if same issue happens with other racing games, if yes log ticket to Microsoft support, if not log a ticket to Fh support.

I’ve had to plug my XBone controller in as a wired controller to my PC to get it to work. With the dongle it works for a while, but gets worse and worse as time goes on. Even having the first controller replaced by microsoft support, the replacement behaved the same.

You’re not running any assists are you?

No assists no nothing. But it the same what Kailen4 written. It looks it have problems with BT. After connecting via cable…works perfect. Funny that few months ago i had no problems…now i have moved my BT dongle to another USB slot…and for now its working. How long? This is funny bug :slight_smile:

i done it both on xbox and pc. its a bug in the game. sadly