Xbox One Controller PC question

so as some know that the software support for the controllers to be played on pc is in Major Nelson’s blog and they work great as PC controllers

problem is when I switch back to play on the Xbox I need to plug it wired into the xbox. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

when you install the xbox one controller to the pc it disables the pairing between the controller and the xbox one.

You need to plug in the controller to the xbox one via usb to re-pair.

Finally, keep in mind that plugging the controller into a PC will break its wireless connection to the Xbox One. You’ll have to plug the controller back into the console via USB to pair them again.

interesting it just seemed odd when I switched it back even was unsuccessful in the wireless pairing (hitting the pair on console+controller) so this did answer my question that I guess I’m not the only one experiencing it. at least wired pairing still works so not a huge deal

Mildly annoying though. It’s a little thing, but for now i’ll carry on using my 360 controller for PC as getting to the USB ports on my One is not exactly easy…

for me I’ve left a usb micro cable plugged in to the One as the cool thing with the controllers is that almost any usb micro will work with them and since my phone,tablet and bluetooth keyboard all use it I’ve got afew cables I can use

it’s a minor annoyance for sure but not the end of the world. It would bother me more if the controllers couldn’t switch back and forth from being console controllers to pc and back

Yeah that would be bad. I can’t use the rear ports of the xbox one because of other cabling in the way, and the side one runs the decoder for my Trittons. It’s a very cosy setup, plenty of airflow because of the location, but no wiggle room. lol