[XBOX ONE] Car Light bug

I didn’t find any topic with this problem, so I decided to post it here. I recently discovered a small bug and problem with the lights on some Forza Horizon 2 cars. On some cars, when you press the brake button, the lights of the car will light stronger. I discovered that on two cars so far (Mercedes E AMG and Porsche Macan Turbo). When you press the brake on the Mercedes E AMG for example, the front LEDs will light stronger. I tried that with other car models like the Audi TT (2015), but I didn’t notice that issue. There is also another problem with the headlights on the cars. When it’s dark and the headlights are on, it sometimes happens that the lights don’t illuminate the road. This don’t happen very often and it lasts only for several seconds.

Yet another horrible little continuity error in this game that won’t get fixed.

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^ That. There’s many bugs with the game even bigger but they didnt get fixed so I doubt this will unfortunately.

The same bug existed in FH too (Escalade from memory was one).