Xbox one and P.C. together?

Odd question probably, but I’ll ask it anyway.
First the reason for asking, A friend of mine has just got Gears for the p.c. and Xbox one, and he and his son can play at the same time. One on the P.C. and one on the Xbox one. They have only purchased one copy (over two formats) of the game.

Is this possible in Forza horizon 3. I’d love to be able to play with my 10 year old Son in this game.

Do we both need to have separate GOLD memberships? He can currently play using his User name, but basically on my account. Sorry if that sounds as clear as mud.

Thanks in advance.

If Account1 bought the digital version, only Account1 will be able to log in and play the PC version. But Account2 could sign in on the console where Account1 has installed the game. Account2 on the console would need Gold to access multiplayer features; the PC version does not require Gold for multiplayer.

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So get my Son Gold membership and we are good to go.

If your account has gold and is on the xbone he can share your gold
Set the console as your home console
So from what you have said you should be good to go
I do this with my secondary and wife’s accounts
Only my account has gold


Hmm, not sure what’s going on then. Every time I log onto my P.C. game it says I have to log out of my Xbox One game.

Sorry If I’m coming over as a bit of a newbie. Never needed to bother with multi accounts on one console. I’ve actually been on LIVE since the Beta on the original Xbox.

You say you do this with your wife’s account, Do you both play Forza horizon 3 at the same time? I know GOLD works on “family” accounts but can’t get the game to run on the P.C. and the Xbox One at the same time i.e. I can’t play multiplayer with my Son.

You cant be logged onto your game on pc and xbone at the same time with the same gamertag

I play with my gamertag on the pc
My wife’s gamertag on the xbone at the same time
Actually can play co-op together this way

You just can have your gamertag logged in to playing fh3 at the same time as when you are on PC…it’s one or the other

You need to log out of the xbone game with your gamertag if you want to play on pc…dont worry the game save syncs in the cloud

When the box pops up about logging out of one choose to play with the PC

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I’ll try it again later, although I’m sure I’ve tried that. But will try it again :slight_smile:

Talby71’s method works, I tried it last night.

I have to make sure I was logged out of the XB1 entirely on my primary account and it worked fine.

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When it pops up on your PC saying you need to log out of your xbox one game you have to let it log you out…otherwise you cant play on PC

Yay, eventually got it to work, Lot’s of logging out, then being logged back in when I booted the game up so logging out again. Think I had to log out of my Xbox one 4 or 5 times before it would let me stay logged in on my P.C. and out on my Xbox one. Messy, but we got there.

Thanks everyone for your help.


If you quit out of horizon 3 or changed games on your xbone you wouldn’t need to worry about logging out
Each time your gamertag logs back in on your xbone it goes back to the game you were previously playing
Thats why you kept having the logout issues
Only do it with your gamertag of course