[Xbox] - Move Joystick left/right and car doesn't move

Hey all,
This is my first post here and I couldn’t find another post about this kind of issue specifically for Xbox so sorry if this has been asked already.

When I’m steering, and I don’t know if this is just for Winter, I will steer left or right with the joystick and I noticed that 1) the wheels do not move and 2) the car does not turn, as if there isn’t input from the joystick.
I’ve done calibrations with my PDP controller to see if it was the cause, all came back 100%.
I’ve swapped out my controller, still will have the same reaction.
I’ve tested during races and while driving around with different vehicles as well as different terrain, still will have the same reaction.
I’ve restarted the Xbox and shutdown the game, still will have the same reaction.
I’ve turned ABS on, off, and assist, still will have the same reaction.

If I accelerate from a stopped position, I will turn, but when I shift into 2nd and higher the steering seems to “Freeze”.

Is this an issue that you guys have seen or am I missing something in a setting that would cause this?

Wireless controller?..

Tested on a wired and wireless, both reacted the same way.

What happens in other games? (on the same device)