[xbox] Forza hub down?

I’m getting the “temporarily unavailable” message when trying to access forza hub. Anyone else?

Strange thing is, there’s no mention of it anywhere on their twitter pages, or here, or anywhere else.

Must be just server maintenance?

yeh got it earlier with one of my other gamertags

but worked fine from the website

I’m getting the same thing:

Forza Hub not available
Forza Hub is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

The button to Try again leads back to the same message - annoying!

Same here on PC

Same here on PC!

Forza features going down is a running joke around these parts…
It’s just not very funny!

Forza Hub is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. PC ,so frustrating…

This is something that I count on, you can’t buy anything with all the ridiculous clothes that you win on wheel spins. My game was bugged and barn finds weren’t popping so support had me delete the cloud save and I lost weeks of gifted credits and several Horizon Edition cars. Now I just win junk.

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is forza hub still down

try from the webpage, never had an issue , only from the hub app


Apparently it’s still down on PC

Still down on my Xbox, it has been down since I started trying at 8am est.

Down here as well