[Xbox] Edit - Dubai still broken after almost 3 weeks. Can't finish race. Game crashes to dashboard.

Just started the game.

During the introduction, in the first race at Dubai, my game crashes at the same spot on the track, just before a tunnel. Crash boots me from the game completely and sends me to the Xbox home screen. Has happened 3 times now.

What’s up?



Game no longer crashes and boots me to the dashboard at Dubai, but track disappears from the tunnel to the finish line.

Then for the second race, the one with the trucks and M. Rossi, game stalls prior to loading. So now I can’t play that one either. And can’t play single player campaign at all because I can’t get through the introduction.

I had this issue when the game was first made available last week. I had the game preloaded prior to release. The only way I could progress through the intro races was to completely uninstall the game and re-download it. Yes, that stinks, but it’s now been running smoothly ever since. Hope that helps!

That does stink. But it’s good to know it worked for you before I do it. Thanks!

Don’t hold your breathe though. I did the same, pre download an had issues all the time, re downloaded it again and now I’ve got issues at another circuit instead. -_-

I had the same issue in the 3rd race of the Hot Hatch event. After the second lap the track would just go black.

Ive tried reinstalling but it didnt work for me.

Im not stuck on the 4th race, Watkins Glen where i cant get past the bend at the end of the straight as the game crashes every time there.

Geez, what a mess.

Have any of you tried hard resetting your console properly since installing the game including pulling the power plug from the wall


That’s the first thing I tried. I also deleted and reinstalled the game, as well as everything I could think of. Game still freezes and crashes, or glitches the textures and crashes. My problem track is Maple Valley. I’ve not raced on every track yet, but so far that’s the only track that crashes the game for me. I can race on any track others have mentioned, and had no issue with the introduction. I’ve stopped playing career for now, until it’s fixed.

I have.

I’ve done everything I can including resetting my Xbox dashboard, reinstalling the game, deleting my profile, deleting my save.

Don’t know what else I can do.

Dubai still broken. Can’t finish a race there. Game crashes to dashboard.

Dubai is used in lots of divisions for single player championships. Can’t finish those. A couple of times I’ve gotten to the last race of the division only to arrive at Dubai. Game crashes. Lose progress after having to choose another division. Arrive at Dubai. Rinse. Repeat.

Unbelievable this has not been fixed in almost 3 weeks.