[XBOX] Drivatar and Car graphic issues waiting for Multiplayer race to launch.

So far, I’ve played 5 multiplayer races and two of them had graphical glitches during the screen where you stand on pit road with your selected car waiting for the race to launch.

The first one, I was looking at another players drivatar and something happened where the drivatar froze in place for a moment before moving again. However, the frozen drivatar was still on screen while the moving one was moving in and out of it.

The second one was with the car selected. The same event that triggered the issue above seems to have triggered this one as well. The selected car kept being overlaid by a different car. Like the new one fell on top of the old one, disappeared and repeated over and over until the race launched.

I have 20 second game clips for each of these but I don’t know how I can get them to you. Twitter maybe?