[XBOX] Custom Livery Unexpectedly Carried Over in Multiplayer

A friend and I were racing in a private lobby. We completed multiple races at the same track without changing anything other than the cars used between races.

For the last race of the session, we both drove a Ford GYMKHANA Focus. However, my system showed my friend’s car with a custom livery when it should have been the the default livery. Both cars appeared correctly on his system, though.

After sharing a game clip to show him I was not crazy, we discovered that the livery showing on his car on my system is actually the custom livery he had applied to his Hoonigan Hoonicorn. The color was the same and the decals were the same but the decals were not positioned in the same places (I assume this is because the livery was designed for a different car)

As if a custom livery appearing on the wrong car was not strange enough, it gets stranger. Two or three races prior to the GYMKHANA race, we raced with Hoonicorns - including the one with the custom livery in question. However, we raced with at least one other car (maybe two) between the Hoonicorns and GYMKHANA. I’m positive we raced Hoonigan BelAirs between the other two and his BelAir had a custom livery that was correct and completely different than the one in question.