Xbox controller steering wonky in Trial & Championship

Had the weirdest Trial & Championship experience this week.

Didn’t matter which car I chose (tuned or stock), I would lose most, if not all of my turning capability at speed. When stopped, I could turn full lock and see the wheels move, but while driving, very little response. As a result, I overshot almost every corner. I tried multiple controllers, all settings (normal, simulation and assisted) and the results were the same. Not a noob and truly stymied. Has anyone else experienced this? If so (and especially if you found a fix), LMK.

Seem like it wants to be a hardware issue, but after 3 different controllers, that seems unlikely. Want to hear if I’m the only one before submitting a ticket.

NOTE: I do not experience this in free roam or puttering about.


No, the controllers are fine. You could check your settings. I accidentally turned on Autobraking during the update, and I thought the update was broken… auto braking is weird!

Isn’t this just part of speed sensitive steering? I think it is normal as I notice it in drift also when not using the drift suspension parts.

I think if it allowed you to go full-lock at higher speeds you would spend most of your time recovering from a spin.

Hear you, but it not tied to that. Has only been an issue this week. Super odd.
I’m curious if there is a lag issue…my pipe is fast, so I know it’s not on this end. The weird thing is it’s not like the typical lag glitch. It’s just steering or not steering…

Ok, then I haven’t noticed anything different this week.

I had the same problem on Sunday - in the Upgrade Heroes as well as in free-roam. I also tried different controllers as I first thought it was my controller. But on Monday it was all normal again. Very weird.

Forgot to add that in order to turn I had to bring the cars to a complete stop and then turn.

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Don’t know if this is related at all, but when doing Upgrade Heroes missions I had weird sensations that tune / upgrades to Renault Clio Williams kept changing between missions.

This happens to me too.
I drive around in a tuned mosler a lot. I know how it handles, do lots of forzathons and free roam.
Take it into a race and suddenly it feels like I am on ice.
The race ends and it dumps me out into free roam and the car handles great again.

I just assumed it was some stupid form of race difficulty to mess with the user while boosting the AI drivatars.