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Hello Everyone

These type of things making me very curious, why are Turn 10 and Playground Games can´t make a proper profile picture of their xbox one games when the other developers can? I know it’s sounding totally stupid from me to ask this but I just want to understand how this works. Just serious answers.
Thank You

Aren’t those also Windows 10 compatible?
(Not only a game for Windows, like Project Cars also is, but “by Microsoft”)

I remember something about the games available for Windows Phone and/or Windows 8 getting a label. As I completely avoided Windows 8 and I don’t play on cellphones, I just ignored it.
But it’s not a stupid question, it’s a very good question but I doubt they will answer here. Xbox Support on Twitter could be better to answer this I guess. I also like to know if this is random or they really have a list.

The Xbox banner in dark green indicates “XBox on Windows 10”.

It’s either a game only available on Win10 ( Forza Apex for instance ) or most of the time a game with ‘Play anywhere’ feature for XB1 & Win10.

Xbox used similar banners to indicate Arcade games (orange) or Kinect games (purple) on XB360.


‘old’ 360 games have a white banner on the top (like your MoH).

360 games with backward compatibility for XB1, a white banner at the left.

Win8 or WinMobile games are light green.

etc …

Thank You for the reply. I’m glad that others are curious about this too. Yes, my first plan was this “play anywhere” possibility but other games that have the feature has regular profile pictures. Like Gears of War 4 or Recore and also this new game Cuphead has the good old picture without the XboxLive mark on top. Very interesting.

Sorry. I have no info why these games don’t have the green banner, when they should have it.

For that question you need to contact XBox support.

My guess … they just don’t know their own policy.