Hi Guys

In FM6 most players in South Africa could only play in private lobbies because we could never join the public lobbies. So hoped it would be fixed this time around but yet again, SAME ISSUE!!!

Keeps on saying “failed to find game session”

Really getting over this now. Why can H3 make it work but FM.

AMR Paunchy

I have the same issue.

I’ve never understood how some South Africans have managed to get into public lobbies but the rest of us can’t.

The only thing i can think of is that its got something to do with our latency. That was the answers i got from fellow racers when multiplayer in FM6 was not working.

I’m running 4G/LTE with 38mb download and 18mb upload with a latency of 25 when i do my line tests locally. When i test through my Xbox i get the same download and upload speeds but then my latency jumps between 160-320. More than this i cant do. I don’t have fiber in my area as i stay on a farm. I play in private lobbies no problem what so ever with no lag. Horizon 3 and all my other games work perfect online.

I only played with one racer that managed to get into public lobbies in South Africa and he was on fiber and stayed in Cape Town. All my other friends cant get in either. I played in a private lobby again last night with no problem and everyone in there, South Africans, also couldn’t get into public lobbies.

Everyone has given up asking Turn 10 to solve this problem because not once have any of our questions been answered. We don’t even get a message saying we will look into it. Not cool from there side as we have lots of good racer in South Africa.

I’m going to try and stay positive and hope the rite person sees this message and tries to help us or this will be my last FM title i buy. I know a lot of racers that feel the same way.

AMR Paunchy

Have not tried multiplayer yet, but it will be sad if this problem is repeated in FM7. My guess in FM6 was/is that it has something to do with the application matchmaking.

I just received my disc yesterday. My F7 multiplayer experience has been non-existent after about 15 minutes of attempts.
My F6 multip. works OK (if it ever did; still crashes every 1 1/2 hrs or so), but all I get with this pile is “disconnected from server”.
For reference, it’s 9am on a thursday morning; i’m in L.A. on cablemodem, basic XBone w/ big HDD, running basic $50 disc version.

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Hi Guys

I emailed T10 at forzafb@microsoft.com to report the problem.

I encourage anyone else with this problem to do the same so we can put some pressure on T10 to sort this out.

AMR Paunchy

Still having the same issue. All i got from turn 10 was " we’ll pass on your info" and thats almost 2 weeks ago.

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Well with microsoft azure servers coming to south africa we will hopefully have the chance to get forza servers as well, which will really be cool.

I think we should start putting more pressure on Microsoft as the publisher of this game and the host of XBox live gold. We are expected to pay the equivalent international subscriptions and game prices but do not have the same level of support or access to services in South Africa. I bought the ultimate edition on launch and my Gold subs are always up to date but I still haven’t been able to join any public lobbies to this day. My question is this: If I pay slightly more for the game as someone who purchased it in the USA and also pay the same for my Gold subs, then why can’t I enjoy the same level of service and game content?!!!

I logged a support ticket 2 months ago detailing my problem. Not being able to join public lobbies or league hoppers. Although I regularly participate in organized racing joining private sessions and racing without lag. A month later this is the official reply I got from forzamotorsport.net.


The reason why you are experiencing this is because of your ping. Players will have difficulties connecting to mutliplayer hoppers if their ping is over 150ms. Unfortunately there’s not much that can be done about this besides trying to lower your console’s ping.

Thanks. "

Unfortunately, some countries don’t have such a developed internet infrastructure as some countries and this will always impact on online games.
Microsoft themselves or Turn10 can’t directly change this. You are wasting your time keep putting in tickets.
The best you can do is try to make sure you have the best internet you can afford.
They are not going to lower to resolution and complexity of the game just to accommodate some of the far flung countries. Would you put up with slow refresh rates and blocky graphics just so a few users in Iceland get the same experience?
I know it sounds harsh but Europe and North America are where the majority of their players are from, and we do seem to have some of the best internet supplies in the world. State of the art racing games require far more data to be transferred at lower latencies than ever before.