Xbox app and FH4 friends/clubs problem


I have a very bad problem and i couldn’t find any answer to this anywhere on the internet.

I feel like my xbox app is buggy as hell in case of the friends list. One guy in particular is always shown offline even if he is actually streaming the game like right now for example. Neither i nor him have anything disabled to make this happen. Others can see him online no problem. I can’t play with him at all. I have no damn clue anymore how to fix this.

Also it seems my friends list doesn’t really update that well aswell. I can’t even join other friends when they play with that one guy in a convoy as they’re not showing up playing in a convoy either.

Quite a lot of problems and i searched everywhere on the net but there was not a single person with the same sort of issues so i’m desperate for any solution to this.

I also tried resetting the xbox app but the bugs still show up. And again: Nothing is disabled for him or for me about how people can see him or me online/offline etc. I am clueless as of now!

As of now my current idea is to wait for my new pc which should arrive the next 2 weeks. Maybe a new system helps or whatever…