Xbox anniversary Porsche 918 problem

Anyone else with the problem, that the Porsche 918 we got via ingame message came without the livery on it?
I know that it doesn’t show the livery in ‘My Cars’ so I took it for a ride, but mine came with stock paint on it. No design whatsoever.

I already opened a support ticket and still waiting for a response. Just wanted to know if I’m the only one.

It doesn’t specifically solve your issue, but you should be able to pick one up from the auction house quite cheaply.

Yep, that’s what I did. But it’s nice to be the original owner, right? :wink:

it does not matter if your are the original owner of some pixels as you are the one who will ever know you are one.

Are you sure you didn’t already have 918 and accidently deleted wrong one?

Was definetly my first 918

got same problem got the car for about 2 hours and chanced to other car, looked after race to chance to the 918 and it was gone. did even started the game over again by deleting save file. but wont get it to donw load it any more.

Usually with the gift cars and custom liveries they don’t show up in the car list until you tune or apply a tune to the car. This updates the thumbnail. Hope this helps.

After redeeming the car I took it for a ride, cause I know the issue with the thumbnail not showing the livery. Anyway, the car had no livery when I drove it.

What? So you think you can tell people what they can and can not achieve in a game? :joy: There are lots of people who want to get all the cars as the original owner in the game.