(Xbox 360) Please help me restart a fresh game.

I’ve been trying everything I can think of to restart the game with a fresh character. I’ve deleted save files, I’ve un-installed the game, I’ve googled for help, done searches here and on reddit. I did read about deleting the cloud save file but I’m guessing that is with the Xbox One since I can’t figure out how to do it with the 360.

With games I like to play for a bit to get an idea of the game then restart fresh and this is driving me to distraction. I’d be eternally grateful for any help.

If you went to the dashboard then to hsrd drive, then delete the horizon 2 gamessve under your profile that should take care of it.

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I tried again to delete the save file and the cache files and I still end up with a experience level (it’s 18 now) from the previous games although I don’t have the perks or the money from before.

When I do this will I keep my level?

When you delete save game in you’r memory, delete it from everywhere. that is how you start from scratch. No other way to do it as far as I’m aware of.

I had a harddrive failure, bought a new one for my 360 and still started with a lvl 23 in single player and lost out on all the perks and cash… And even when I play the game with the console unplugged from the net I still get a lvl 23 in my single player game…