XBox 360 - BUGS !!! Hyper cars catch-up, car engines sounds etc.


I have Forza Horizon 2 for XBox 360 with Polish language.

I have spotted the following VERY annoying bugs which in my opinion show poor pre-launch tests level!!!

  1. Hypercars catch-up. Described on my forums. Using top hypercars like LaFerrari, P1 etc. Can’t catch first 1-3 cars (even on medium or easy mode) which speeds like 500+ km/h !!! Even if catch they slalom or crash all the time! WTF ?!?! Did someone test it before game release?
  2. McLaren P1 - VERY quiet engine sound. This car has 3.8L V8 engine! Not only electric motor - it sounds like driving only on this motor :frowning:
  3. Jaguar XKR-S - VERY quiet engine sound if I release accelerator! During acceleration everything is ok. I release RT and… quiet!!!
  4. Final race / money - Please add final race from XBox One or just money from it. How can I get 1M+ $$$ cars just wining this or other races for 20-40k $$$ ?!?!?!?!

Do you know when they plan any new patch for this game?

You have already posted that right here.