XB1 needs repair; what should I do to secure all FM5 DLC and game save data?

My son’s Xbox One has, it seems, the infamous “Day One Edition” disc drive issue with not reading discs. In the event I have to send the console in for repair (which means I probably will not get the same console back), what do I need to do as far as securing/redownloading all DLC? But MOST IMPORTANT…what should I do to recover the save data? He’s level 390 and has all but 19 cars purchased. A lot of time invested.

I do have another XB1 console, with all of the same DLC installed on my console (separate VIP, LCE, Car Pass, and ALL Promo cars). Can I recover his save from the cloud to MY console, to ‘safeguard’ the data until his console comes back? Would it be a simple question, then, of recovering his gamertag and then “syncing” his FM5 save data from the cloud to his NEW/REPAIRED console?

Curious minds want to know. :confused:

Wow, I never would have thought the word “Safe Guard” (as one word) would be edited? LOL

You will get all your stuff back when you sign in on you new xbox1 you never lose your stuff i had to bring my xbox back to good luck with the new one

I had the same issue back in December. I didn’t back up anything and when I got the new system in the mail all I did was reinstall everything. My save game synced from the cloud. The DLC just need to be reinstalled after installing the game. Everything was recognized as already purchased by my live login.

I hope this helps. I am sure you will just get a new system mailed to you. I sent my system to Laredo, TX and a new system came from Memphis, TN about 8 days later.

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Make sure you set the new xbox as your home xbox before downloading the dlc.

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Also to add to what others have said, to install the VIP and LCE cars you will need to install them from the disc again. On the home screen with the Forza disc in the tray just highlight the tile and use your menu button to bring up the install options.

I replaced my Day one X1 in March after it stopped reading disc and I had no problems getting my save games and DCL re-downloaded for all my games.

Does this still work even if you have the digital version? My disc drive didn’t work when I bought the Xbox and Forza 5 LCE. I had to wait for a month or so for Microsoft to respond due to a malfunction on my account. I traded in just the disc to Gamestop and used some MS cash to buy the digital version. I kept the card with all the LCE content on it and used it with my digital version. Now I’m in the process of returning the console so curious what I need to do.

It’s all saved on the cloud my friend. I already swapped my Day One Console out for my current one. No issues at all.

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Does the same go for paints and tunes? I’m worried I may need to get mine fixed as well… :confused:

Im going to have to send mine off to shortly for the same issue. It keeps not reading it and sometimes when i put a game in i hear it grinding on the disc. I pull the disc out and there is an actual gouge out of the little center circle

see if they’ll let you send in the disk for replacment at the same time. little gouges turn into little cracks which turn into big cracks which turn into little peices parts flying all over inside your console damaging the new drive, not to mention maybe not having enough of the disk left to get a replacment or everybody would be breaking them into peices and sending it in as two copies so they get one to keep and one to sell.

Thats a good idea on sending the discs back… I will have to ask them when i call them in the next couple of weeks

It should be fine. The data is saved locally and “in the cloud”.

Basically, there is a copy stored on the HDD within the Xbox and there is a copy on a server somewhere.

I also had my X1 day one disc drive fail, and had to get a new console. After installing the disc and all the upates / DLC my profile downloaded again from the cloud save. Good thing too, I had a garage value over 50,000,000 Cr. with an additional 10,000,000 unspent Cr. sitting in my profile.