X1S/HDR users how did you set up the HDR brightness?

Ok so the top bar I’m perfectly clear on that, the left icon “1” is barely visible. I’m wondering about the 2nd slider “HDR Brightness” how people set theirs up. It says to keep moving the slider until the logo “just disappears”. So did you guys move the slider to the right until the entire logo completely disappeared? Or is it somewhere in the middle in “barely visible” state?

Hopefully I’m making sense and I am just testing different setting at this time, curious what others thought about this because in this game I noticed often there is white-on-white colors(especially since the fonts are white) so sometimes I have difficulty seeing some of the writing for lap times etc. and I was basically thinking this setting would likely hold the answer to improving that part. Thanks

For what it’s worth, that white-on-white design for the Current Lap has terrible contrast on the standard Xbox One too. As an overlay it might not be something that can be solved with screen settings.