X Box 360 players are the black sheep of the Forza racing community...

if you can’t afford to buy a X Box One…you get no desiign contests, interaction with the creative staff, no DLC cars…nothing…not even for the new year…you could gave us one stinking car.

There were plenty of events and contests during the lifespan of Forza Motorsport 4. So, either you were late to the party of didn’t take advantage of the opportunities.

In regards to hardware and the future of Forza Motorsport, you gotta pay to play …

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What do you expect, the 360 is pushing 10 years old, and obviously Microsoft is starting to move away from the 360 because they’re not making as much $ on it anymore. Besides, you don’t need design contests, interaction with the creative staff and DLC cars to enjoy a game if the gameplay is good. Keep enjoying Forza 4, it’s still one of the best console racers out there and pushes the 360 to the limit of what it can do! In fact, I’m still playing Forza 2, 3, 4 and Horizon despite having an Xbox One because I was late to the party with the 360 and want to enjoy those games.

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You put the same thread in the FH2 section. You were given a contact email if you want to address concerns to T10. Nuff said

Well it seems you were wanting to just spam the boards a little with this complaint. I will just refer you to my reply in your other thread.

Just want to also point out a section of the rules you did agree to.