• Great friendly community
    Clean racing
    Easy to use website

Call over now and take part.


I would like to take part - ive liked the facebook page but dont want to sign up to anymore websites

Sorry buddy, u need to resister to the site to take part. The only way we can add you to the league system is if you resister to the site, as it uses your user name.

Thanks for your interest tho. And for liking our Facebook page

Hi Mike,

I signed up. How does the rivals work? If I get my self the car tune it up to the given class does someone then monitor our times to post them on the forum? Or do we have to let you know our times so you can verify them?


Just a few questions as I’m interested in joining. Just don’t want to commit to something if I don’t have the time for it.

.when you say leagues and cups does that range through all the classes?
.do you look for top racers of do you except racers using assists. ( I do use assists but can be very competitive and clean )
.i see your website has a U.K. Address and I’m from the U.K. So do you stick to GMT time zone? And what times do events usually get held?
(Just a few more)
. Do you hold endurance races for the mid range classes like “A” and “S”?
.qualifying or something similar?

Sorry for so many questions I think I’ve covered everything I want to know.

Hey dude, il answer in order you asked.
-we do range through all classes withh 3 different set class races on a main sunday night might, followed by a seperate race car league.
-we take in racers of any standard and ability, with numbers increasing like they have been we have expanded to more divisions to place people in leagues they are more suited to, to give everyone a chance at their ability
-we run everything from gmt, main league meets is sunday nights 7pm gmt, followed by race class league at 8pm gmt, also wednesday night leagues which run at 8pm gmt, but with the increase of members from north america, we are also looking to start leagues more suited to that time zone aswell.
-we are starting up an endurance season using gt cars in the coming weeks, but will also expand to different classes if there is demand which i expect there will be,
-with the way the lobbies are set up we arnt mega serious and more of a relaxed but competitive league, so we dont do qualifying, just start races with random grids.
-And finally we also have leagues set up which utilises the in game rivals mode, similar to the community bounty style, but with new times and challanges every week, which adds upto a monthly league, so people who cant make races can still have something to try and win.

Hope that answers a lot of your questions dude. :slight_smile:

Looks like a very nice and well-run website, signed up and hopefully I’ll be involved soon!

Hi bud

Post your times in the rival section in the forum, and your times will be checked. Make sure you add the. Gamertag that is mentioned in the forum to your friends list so he can see your times.

Dont forget guys, rivals times finish at 6pm tonight for week 1. Also Mixed league racing tonight at 7.30pm see you all there!