WTB BMW 1M Coupe

I was moving during the month of the league event, and missed my chance to win the car. Been waiting for this car for 6 months and am quite upset. If anyone is willing to sell me theirs, shoot me an add. My GT is STS Tiddy. Thanks.

Sorry you missed out and hopefully your move went ok. As far as I’m aware gifted cars from the Leagues cannot be sold in the auction house. Unfortuanately, you’ll need to wait and see if/when they offer this car again.

I got one on loan from my brother to throw some tunes on. The car can indeed be sold on the AH. Just a matter of finding one lol

ill sell it fo 10 mill lol

It’s not worth 10 mil.

i mean if he really wants it lmao

Message sent via Xbox bud. You can have mine.

Car sold to it’s new owner. Enjoy STS Tiddy :slight_smile:

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