Wrong number of races in the 4th step of forzathon (Audi S1 2015)

I don’t know if it’s the same in english, but in the spanish version of the game, the game says that you need to do 4 dirt races in the 4th and last step of the challenge, but you only really need to do 2.

In English it says 2.

I think there was 2 street races, followed by 155mph. When I was done with 2nd race, it was ready for 4th item, having checked off 155. Thought that was odd.

But I’ve also heard dj say skill song twice today, yet no skill song.

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Only 2 in English, can confirm. Weird that it says 4 on spanish…

In polish language it says that you need to complete 2 street races in 4th step, so great translation PGG


In Polish version of the game you have to do another 2 x Street Race in Chapter 4… Shame on the people who made the translation. Some gamers are wasting time now…

how are they wasting time, after 2 races it’s done and the challenge will pop up and say done

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Supposed to be dirt isn’t it?

Yeah it’s dirt races, another translation problem for the polish language it seems…

Well, if you’re tired of mistranslations, while it is true that FH4 doesn’t have an in-game option to select the language, there are ways to change the language to English anyway.
For example:

Wow! I was totally in the wrong discussion. I discovered in FH4 that if you run over a red phone booth just last night that you get the Wrong Number combo skill for 1,000 points. A lot like the Creamed one if you run over the ice cream cone. And the fruit salad for running over the fruit stand. And the gone postal for the mailboxes. And the garbage cans for the Trashman or Binman. (Trashman was from FH3)