Wrecker GamerTags

How do I delete this???

Hey man, just a heads up… I know this seems like a good idea but it is against TOS to post others gamertags on this site.


Damn… alright. … How do I take this down then???

The best thing to do is to find the wreckers gamertag, go to their profile, and click ‘block’. That will make sure that you will never get put with them again unless they get invited to that game. After blocking a lot of people you wont find any more wreckers :slight_smile:


In-game, please note the gamertags you spot wrecking people, go into VIEW GAMER CARD, then Report or block, followed by Report, then select Unsporting behavior. There is then a box to fill in “CRASHER” - disruptive in races, causes wrecks, etc. Followed by Report to Xbox.

On Xbox One, out of FM5, you can also go into Friends on the Dashboard, then in the left pane use Find someone. Put the gamertag in there, and it will draw up the tag of the player you have identified. Make sure you list what they’ve done and the game.