Wrecked out by Smallest Car in Game


Who thought that removing the bigger vehicles would solve the issue, and once again Rammers resort to using anything no matter how small they get :\

It’s not the cars that are the problem with crashes like these, it’s the players.

Not much you can do about it unless you want to go through a detailed reporting process outside of the game.

Yah, this is one instance where size does not count. It’s when their age is higher than their IQ level that things start to get bad. Fortunately things are much improved in leagues, although race etique sometimes still falls way short.

It is evident that banning some of the bigger cars was not going to stop some wreckers, what I have a problem with is someone coming past me at 200mph in a limo or other non racing massive vehicle, who I cannot pass when I catch up in the corners cause they’re drifting round and leave me little or no room for a fair re-pass. You would never get that situation in a real world race. I think that T10 need to make a choice on what kind of game they want for the next one. A complete fantasy race game or an accessible sim and let us know which it is before we shell out our hard earned cash.