Wreckage Arcade Event / Wreckage Score NOT Stacking

wreckage score is not stacking like with other events (ie: drifting)

you wreck many things in a row in the area and get only 1 wreckage point
but, you go do a drift score and all drift score points are counted separately, unlike the wreckage points

its like you have to wreck 1 item and wait for the score/skill point to be added then wreck 1 more item wait … rinse and repeat

this makes wreckage area event pretty hard to accomplish even with many players
and its much more difficult in a barren area only having a small fence, road railing, some cacti and a few tree stumps

so, to complete the challenge we need some adjustments with this event:
1 adjustment for the wreckage points being added correctly
1 adjustment for the area being filled with enough wreckable objects

Yes I have noticed that and it makes no real sense for it not to count everything you’re wrecking, rather like you describe.

It makes the event much more harder than it should be. Not counting the fact people rarely turn up for any arcade event.

I haven’t studied the wreckage events in detail but the rate of point-scoring seems extremely slow. Driving through 100 metres of fence for one point?

It’s ‘wreckage skills’, not just things you wreck. Things are being counted correctly. Drive around in freeroam, see how the wreckage skill thing works.

I still think there’s an issue. It definitely does not progress anywhere near as fast as FH4. I wasn’t joking about the 100 metres of fence and 1 point, I did that on the motorway. That is multiple items in rapid succession so should have brought wreckage/great/awesome/ultimate but only one thing scored. There is a (small) chance stuff wasn’t happening fast enough. I’ll try and spend a bit of time observing and testing.