Wow is this allowed

Yes, it’s perfectly legal. Complies with both Microsoft TOS and (assuming the country is) U.S. law. Easy money directly from kids’ parents’ credit cards! :slight_smile:

Are credits even directly transferable player to player?

I don’t believe they are, so the Auction House probably comes into comes into play. Unless it’s a scam of some sort, or they know something I don’t know. Either way, I’m 99% sure that selling IGC for personal profit is a gross violation of the TOU, and I always leave myself a 2% margin of error.

I posted this a month ago, it is not allowed. In fact doing so is a banable offense (I think even lifetime ban). They pay the CR by buying out expensive HE cars in the auction house. Seeing DJS advertising something that will get you banned made me quite angry, he should know better.


1 month ago
Hi how does the buying forza credit work as I want to buy 11 mil but it seems a bit dodgy to me how it says I have to sell my he cars but I don’t really want to

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Don Joewon Song1 month ago

  • Unfortunately that’s the only way to do it… Because you can’t gift cars, And because Horizon Edition cars sell for the most amount of money in the auction, It is the only way it works :slight_smile:
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1 month ago
So do I just sell some he cars that add up to 11mil and someone will come and buy them until I get 11 mil?

Don Joewon Song1 month ago

  • You get in touch with them “by purchasing whichever amount of Credits you want” and they will ask for you Gamertag :slight_smile: You can sell any HE for 11 Million “That’s the max an HE car can sell for” And they will buy it off you.

1 month ago
Don Joewon Song hey thanks a lot. I hope you can get you fh3 data back!

I just dont understand how some people are so desperate for credits in this game. I play casually and constantly have a 10+ mil balance.

There’s nothing to out that money in.


Funny thing is it was an email in my spam folder for some reason

Send it to and they’ll handle it accordingly.

Might also be worth tweeting @XboxSupport and asking if such a practice is against Terms of Service.

The Foward is easy enough unless I dumped my junk mail on exit, as for the Tweet hmmm not even sure my account is active may have to make a new one as not sure if its under one of my email acc or my old mobile number. Or what the pass word would be. It so old it will only be 6 digits in stead of over 16 digits Yep thats right I have a Twitter acc from the first week Twitter started up


This was in the comments of that video - Either it is allowed OR DJS is mis-informed? Can an official shed some light? I would assume it is not allowed as they would prefer to sell tokens and this would cut those sales…

"RyxnFX1 month ago
Can’t you get banned for buying credits?
Don Joewon Song
Don Joewon Song1 month ago (edited)
No, No mate… Not at all :slight_smile: Completely safe, I wouldn’t post in my videos otherwise… "

If it is against the TOS it needs to be known in black and white, 47,000 people have watched the video and now believe its OK
If DJS thinks its OK then its obviously not very black and white at all !

It is most definitely against the xbox live code of conduct.


You would have to be just stupid to buy credits to begin with
Especially that way


It isnt stupid, its just how many choose to play, they would see hours on end of grinding to be stupid.

Im just curious as to if it is OK or not, I always believed it to be against the TOS, but then seeing DJS promoting it and sayig its OK, knowing he is a GOD in game and should be quite familiar with the rules it is now questionable…

I wish that the actual rules were somewhere we could all access, preferably packaged with the game… rather than a vague TOS that hints at things and leaves many the chance to get banned for not knowing until its too late. (we see this all the time with why am I banned threads)

All I have is a gut feeling that I follow that tells me not to buy or sell CR - Seem DJS knows something else…

The xbox live code of conduct is pretty clear on this. It is not game rules, it is xbox live rules and on this issue is pretty clear.

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I don’t think he plays on Xbox. Most YouTubers play on PC, and I don’t believe PCs have a TOS other than the game in question.

Most popular Forza YouTubers, DJS, AR12, BlackPanthaa, TC9700 etc are on Xbox, at least when playing Forza, and it’s not surprising considering only buggy FH3 and choppy FM6: Apex, out of all Forza titles, are on PC atm.

Plays on xbone
And xbox live has a TOS even if he did play on PC
Fh3 uses xbox live

Just remember how big YouTubers advertised and later we found out how they make their money. Just because DJS is advertising it doesn’t mean it is ok.