Wouldn't you know it?

Got the game running finally, set the controller down for a bit, lo and behold: controller won’t reconnect

Maybe you need new batteries?

I feel your pain, I get my money together for the Ultimate edition of Horizon… Right trigger stops working. No longer have money together for ultimate edition.

You should be covered under 12 months warranty surly?

Nope, not the batteries or controller. It happened with the demo too. Only a hard reboot fixes it and it happens every time the controller goes to sleep. Looks like I’ll have to keep my smoke breaks under 10 minutes…

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My guess is that we’ll be seeing another patch when it’s released in the UK. Hopefully they release one before so that when it’s here in the U it’ll be running smoothly.

Ditto, as much as it’s painful always having to wait longer for UK releases, usually it prevents suffering with crazy issues or “day one issues” so, hopefully by Friday all will be well as with the VIP stuff as well.

Also feel free to add me if you like, need more UK X1 gamers to play with/against!

My game just crashed during the first “road trip,” and now I can’t sign into my profile. :frowning:

EDIT: Finally signed in, got to the second race, and…

It crashed again.

Was hoping that controller disconnecting issue was just in the demo.

One thing I did to try and avoid that is pressing the Xbox button to go back to the home screen if I stepped away. Seemed to work okay letting the controller reconnect and then get back in the game.