Would you recommend this game to your friends?

Would you recommend this game to your friends? Why or why not?

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No, I want to keep my friends …


Even if I had any, no.
Even as a recommendation to a stranger, no.


Yes, i enjoy a lot of aspects about it and (as with other games) the glitches and bugs will be ironed out. Most people i know have the Ultimate Game Pass anyway so if they don’t like it, they can always delete it and play something else.

No. I’ve already complained about this game’s issues enough to them. Even as non-racing fans, I was able to get them to understand why Horizon 5 is not the greatest racer of all time that many tout it to be. Is it a completely garbage game? No. But does it have problems with its design? Heck yes.


I wouldn’t recommend it even to my enemies.
When I was asked from my friends what’s the problem, I just open known issues page and maybe show a vid or two from my collection.
So far everyone started laughing and asked me if I actually paid for that … yup 100€ … facepalm.


Absolutely, though I wouldn’t need to because they were already playing it just like I was. We went through most of it in co-op. Good times.

No. I would tell them the major fun stopped in FH3.


Yes it can still be fun, the principal of the game is great.

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Yes and No

Yes, because if you take away all the bugs, issues and cheating/exploiting, it would be a great way to enjoy driving around and having a laugh with others.

No, because of all the bugs, issues and cheating/exploiting.

FH4 seemed to have a whole different feeling, people gathered, came together and did random things, at random places… it always seemed welcoming or always had something to do. There were issues but not once in 3 years of playing did I experience a complete crash.

FH5 seems the exact opposite, with hourly crashes… not only that, but you could cut the atmosphere with a knife.


Obviously, NO. Why is anyone asking this question at this point? lol.

Yes, I would, but with a warning. I still have a little hope that they’ll get rid of a good portion of the bugs before FH6.

Edit: Then again, the price doesn’t really make it worth it unless you have Game Pass.

Nope! I have recommended the previous games though but this one I’d avoid. If new players come to this game and think this is how all the previous games behaved, they’d wonder why so many of us stayed loyal for so long. The bugs are its own issue but just the gameplay overall is bad, if this is next-gen send me back in time when Horizon was actually fun!


I wouldn’t recommend FH5 to anyone right now, not even for those who already have gamepass, mostly to not reward the metrics they used to build the game and measure it’s success. Plus other than the new map and slightly less worse progression, it’s mostly a bad copy paste job of FH4 and a large step backwards in a lot of ways.

If someone has gamepass and wants to play Horizon FH4 is still perfectly playable, although honestly I still would recommend tracking down a used FH1 disk and playing it with backwards compatibility to really get a good Horizon experience. Even with the lesser graphics and lack of tuning sliders it was just such a great game compared to anything that came after it.


I would tell them to wait to see if it improves before buying it.

Taking into account FH5 will remain on the Game Pass for the next 4 years, I’d probably recommend FH4 instead, it’s simply much more fleshed out after all the updates.

But the biggest issue with Forza Horizon series remains… Very little replay value once you achieve your goals in the game.

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  • There are various bugs and you may suffer from them.

  • The Festival Playlist was bad to begin with, but this time it’s even worse, making it the worst in the history of the Forza series. You will be forced every week to play challenges riddled with bugs and mistranslations, and play multiplayer for new cars.

  • The support features don’t work very well. And basically all information is only available in English.

If they still want to play after I have given them these warnings, I will not stop my friends.
Well, many of my friends enjoyed it at first, but soon got fed up with the playlists and bugs and ended up hating PG and this game.

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Yup and I have recommended to people who have been happy enough with the experience. Why? Because it’s a good game that delivers on fun despite a few bugs.

I would recommend FH5…in about 6-12 months.
I’ve enjoyed many thousands of hours playing the previous Horizon games. To date, I consider FH2-FH3 as the “honeymoon period”.
There’s plenty of work that needs to be done to make FH5 “meet the mark”, during that 6-12 months.
I fervently hope Playground is able to address the problems and, ultimately, earn the “Game of the Year” accolades they were given prematurely.
I haven’t “slammed the door closed” on this series, but if FH5 isn’t repaired and FH6 is just as problematic, well…I’ll have to wait and see.

Interested in seeing what other folks think…


I reached that point with FH4, compared to FH3 it felt like 1 step forwards (much improved handling model and a few other quality of life improvements) and 3 or more steps back (boring map that feels the same all over, double down on the locked car nonsense and seasonal events, worse multiplayer with all the forced team events, etc).

I still played a lot of FH4, but I didn’t see it really improve over it’s lifespan, sure they fixed the worst of the bugs and added a few features back in from FH4 eventually but never addressed many of the fundamental design flaws (and bad community management) the franchise had picked up, and also added the awful festival playlist after launch.

I gave FH5 a chance on gamepass and they botched their attempt to resolve many of the fundamental game design issues that FH4 struggled with. I’ll see if things improve, but in my mind I’ve already made peace with the fact that Horizon is another has-been franchise that got run into the ground by corporate greed and chasing the casual audience.