Would dropping games with no release date like FM6 be a good idea ?

No this is not a April fools joke, But what if Turn10 set a new standard for the gaming industry by dropping it at the actual E3 with no release date prior ?

Eh … I believe the point of an announcement at E3 (as opposed to an outright sale in conjunction with the event) is the building of hype. E3 is, essentially, a more cost-effective commercial broadcasted simultaneously to millions of gamers worldwide. If you just simply release a game amidst all of the other commotion, you’re likely to very quickly lose the spotlight. This way, with an announcement, the developers can establish the release date and string consumers along for months at a time with a trickling of info. That, there, is an effective marketing strategy.

I wouldn’t think releasing a game without a release date would work. A lot of interest in games tends to be created in the weeks prior to known release with all the hype, plus I personally wouldn’t want to pre-order a game without having any clue as to when it’ll be released.

I did that with my X1 console. The day pre-orders went live I was in a store ordering!! Longest six month wait of my life!!

Releasing the game at E3 would possibly work to their advantage, once. The shock value would have every game related journo losing their minds about it, even if just the novelty factor

There is a bit of a precedence already for this. Blizzard announced the release of WoW: Wrath at Blizzcon, for a month later, it was a bit of a surprise, the assumption was the next year. Released in late Oct early Nov if I recall.

I saw an article that the release window would be holiday 2015. It’s not an exact date, but it’s a bit precise.

I do wish that the holiday rush could be avoided, but it is what it is.

Online shopping.

29th November. Google hard enough youll see it